Healthy Running

I have had a life long passion for fitness and athletics. It shows in my practice.

With 20 years of fitness experience, I feel that I bring a perspective to injury management and recovery that many other ‘Sports Medicine’ doctors simply do not have.

The human body was designed to MOVE! So I encourage all of my patients to live an active lifestyle. I understand that not everyone needs to run a marathon, but NO ONE should ignore the role that exercise and regular, healthy movement plays in their overall health.
A lot of patients show up in my office after a frustrating search for a Doctor who understands what their goals are. Patients often say “the last doctor I went to told me I should just quit running (or swimming or hiking or skiing….).” “Just quit” is not an acceptable answer!
On this page I will share articles and videos that I have come across to help patients find ways past their roadblocks. Feel free to send any article or info that you think would be a good addition to this page!