About the Practice

Dr. Ted Loos ~ Owner, Great Life Chiropractor ~ Ironman Triathelete

The truth is not all Chiropractors are the same. Many offices are more interested in “care plans” than results. Some Chiropractors focus on extracting the maximum number of visits from a patient, regardless of their condition or recovery. This is an embarrassing truth in this and other health care professions. Great Life is a different kind of practice, focused on results and thriving on reputation!

The goal at Great Life Chiropractic is to help fix your condition quickly! The cost, time, and suffering involved in an injury are frustrating to everyone.

Addressing the problem and getting you back to your daily activities is goal number one.

I have built my reputation on getting fast results for my patients and that high standard of care and respect for the patient has created a practice that is driven by referrals.
Patients refer their family and friends to Great Life because of the outstanding results and treatment they’ve experienced here. Doctors refer patients here because they know that their patients’ problems will be addressed directly and efficiently, focusing on maximum results.